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Corona virus has taken the world by shock and surprise. It has changed the dynamics of everything and made people break their habits and change themselves. However, things have started to open and people are getting back to work. However, it is important to understand that corona virus is here to stay. So, you will have to take the necessary precautions in your office and house spaces. 

A lot of people have been affected in several ways because of this virus. Some of them have lost their jobs whilst some of them do not get full salaries. Most people have had mental health issues because of several lifestyle changes due to the virus. Apart from that, some people lost their loved ones to the virus as well. At the same time, corona virus latest news also takes people’s mind on a toll. 

What is Corona virus?

A wide research is going on the virus. There are various strategies on where it came from, yet no one is sure about it. The virus is spread mainly when the respiratory droplets of an infected person get in to the mouth or nose of the people nearby. A lot of people fail to have any symptoms, yet have the ability to spread the virus. Thus, cleaning the surface, disinfection and sanitizing your hands is the only option that you have. 

How can disinfection help in corona virus?
Disinfection is one of the best precautions that you can take for yourself and your surroundings.

Personal hygiene

Simple hygiene measures can go a long way for your family and you. So, avoid touching your face when you are out. The virus spreads easily with your eyes, nose and mouth. They just enter through them and spread all over your body. Apart from that, do not cough or sneeze in to your hands. Instead, use a tissue paper and dispose it immediately. Also, maintaining a distance from your loved ones is really necessary. You must have heard a lot of people talk about social distancing. Please continue to follow that as the corona virus latest is quite unpredictable.    

Apart from that, wear masks when you go out in public. A fabric mask can stop the corona virus germs from entering through your mask. It is vital to monitor your daily health as well. If you think something is not fine, then go to see a doctor immediately. You should not take this situation lightly. 

Amongst other things, washing your hands is really necessary. You will be hearing this everywhere as it is surely the best line of defense. If you have gone out in the public place and touched door knobs and bill tills, then disinfect your hands. Also, wash your hands after blowing your nose and sneezing in to tissue. Do not touch your fabric mask with those hands. 

When you are out, using a hand sanitizer seems like a legit option. However, use one which contains 60 per cent alcohol content. Make sure that you cover all the parts of the hands and rub them together for 20 to 30 seconds. Remember that cold water and hot water both are effective in killing germs. 

Cleaning air and surface
Disinfect almost all the surfaces at your house regularly. Make sure to disinfect all the high touch surfaces like door knobs, handrails, tables, chairs, toilets, light, switches, remote controls, game controllers, tablets and mobile phones. 

What to use to disinfect?
If your surface is dirty or is touched a lot by your maids, then first clean it with soap water or detergent. After that, use a disinfectant which contains 70% of alcohol. You can also choose to use bleach. Also, a lot of people might tell you that using natural products or vinegar is fine and can act as a substitute for disinfectant. It is not true and you must not take that risk during corona virus. 

There was a time when disinfectant was not easily available. However, things have changed now and so, you will be able to find it easily. 

How to disinfect?
You can use a clean wipe and spray the disinfectant on the cloth. Then, you can start cleaning the surfaces. However, that is a time consuming process as you are supposed to do this daily. You can choose to hire cleaning services weekly for the same but, most people find it expensive.

So, what can you do? 

You can always buy a fogging machine for cleaning the surfaces and air of your house. Cleaning services during corona virus should be of the utmost importance because the world has opened. It is not under lockdown anymore. Thus, delivery services, cook and a lot of guests visit your house. At the same time, a lot of clients and employees come to your office as well. Apart from that, you go out to grocery stores, shopping malls and restaurants. 

Hence, it is important to keep the surfaces clean. You do not know which person is coming from what place. When they are in your space, they might have sneezed or coughed as well. Hence, using the cleaning services for air is vital for your health. 

What is a fogging machine and how it can clean the air?
A fogging machine is simply a device that emits dense vapor and appears similar to fog. The artificial fog is commonly used for entertainment purposes on stage and shooting studios. Although, manufacturers have come with an innovative idea due to the corona virus latest updates. 

Many people are using the fogger machine to disinfect their surfaces and air. It is a simple method and a wise investment as you can continue to clean and disinfect your house in this fashion. It emits a fog of the disinfectant and clouds the space for a few seconds with it. Thus, the air that has been infected is replaced with the air that has a disinfectant. In this way, the air will be cleaned and it will act as one of the biggest protection for you against the novel corona virus. 

Can you opt for cleaning services during corona?
Well, you can choose this option as a lot of companies are offering cleaning services. However, it is a good idea to hire a trusted company for the complete sanitization of your surfaces. They will come with a fogging machine that suits your surface and disinfect you property completely. However, this maybe an expensive affair and no one can guarantee you the safety of the staff that comes from the cleaning company. 

What is Fogshuddhi and why use it?
Instead, you can always use a fogging machine of your own. Fogshuddi is a company that produces compact and useful fogging machine. They have a very simple mechanism and anyone can use it. The machine is very handy and thus, a teenager can also use it. The machine is so effective that for a 2bhk flat, you will just need 3 minute to disinfect the air and surface completely. 

The best part about Fogshuddhi’s fogging machine is that it can be used anywhere from offices, gyms, schools, restaurants, car, shopping mall, doctor’s clinic and factories. The fogging machine comes with a liquid solution also known as a disinfectant. It is a magical solution as it kills all the germs and bacteria around you. 

It comes with a colloidal silver solution which is a good antibiotic. The solution is also approved by NABL certified lab. It also kills 98.9% bacteria in air and surfaces both. The disinfect solution does not harm your health in any other way as it is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-alcoholic and odorless. 

How to use Fogshuddhi?
Open the top area of the fogging machine. Add the solution in the bottle through a funnel. Close it tightly so that you can have optimum usage of the liquid. It runs on electricity and so, use an extension board, so that you can move freely. Switch on the power on the machine. Keep the machine on for 5 minutes and make sure that the nozzle of the machine is pointing towards open space. 

The fogging machine is ready to disinfect now. You can start by clicking the switch on the remote and Fogshuddhi is ready. For better performance, use the machine for a minute and take a break of 10 seconds in between. You will have to vacant the place after that for some time. It will settle in the air on your surface after that.  

Fogging machine from Fogshuddhi is an amazing investment during corona virus. It helps in cleaning your space within minutes. The best part is that you can use this machine after corona virus too. Just replace the disinfect solution with a mosquito repellent solution. Hence, your investment will not go for a toss after pandemic gets over.   

Cleaning the air and surface you stay and work in is necessary. Do not take your safety precautions lightly as you do not want to be a part of the corona virus disease.

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