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Hygiene and Sanitization procedures that schools can take during corona virus

Corona virus is a widespread disease. It had put the whole world on a standstill. Offices, schools, malls, restaurants and almost everything was shut for the longest time. However, the world is opening back slowly but, with precautions. This is because there are no traces of the vaccine of corona virus. It is a deadly disease and it is present everywhere. Hence, the only way is taking the necessary precautions. You can move out but, remember that safety first.

Government has issues a lot of guidelines and explained the right to safety to the citizens. This is because personal hygiene can help you go out and save you from corona virus. In the new guidelines, government has allowed schools to reopen as well. Although, hygiene and sanitization is compulsory in schools. There are various guidelines that the schools are personally following as well.

Hygiene and sanitization guidelines that school must follow  

Corona virus is a respiratory disease and research is going on the virus. There is some new information on the disease every day. Since it is a new virus, medication and vaccines is taking a lot of time. So, the best way to protect yourself against the disease is through hygiene and sanitization. This is because the virus can be spread through the fluid droplets of the person that is infected. These droplets can affect you if the infected person is sneezing, coughing and talking. Hence, disinfection should be the prime goal of schools.

Running a school is no joke. On top of it, running a school during corona virus will be a tough task. Hence, the administration of the school will have to take some necessary actions. The basic ones include:

  • Develop a disinfection plan
  • Implement the disinfection plan
  • Maintain and revise the disinfection plan

Reducing the spread of germs in school

Handling children can become a task if you are not strict about your guidelines from the beginning. This is because kids can play in the break and social distancing can be hampered. Even between classes, maintaining this is important. Safety first should be the main motto of the school management. This is because children and teachers both will attend the school. Their right to safety is crucial.

Schools can promote hygiene and sanitization. They can also educate their students for hand hygiene as that will enable the slow spread of corona virus. It is important to understand that you must sanitize the school as a lot of families are prone to exposure.

What are the hygiene and sanitization procedures that the school must follow?

Cleaning and disinfection

A lot of experts have suggested that the corona virus germs can be killed or reduced from surfaces, objects, air and hands. The problem begins once they enter the human body. Hence, you must be extremely careful and try to kill the germs in every way possible.

If the schools are reopening, children will be touching the various surfaces like chairs, tables, door knobs and various things. This will apply to the teachers and other staff of the school as well. Hence, taking precautions is necessary because corona virus is said to spread from touching an infected surface and objects. The logic behind this is that you might touch an infected surface and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth. The corona virus will then enter your body through these openings.

Hence, hygiene and sanitization can drastically reduce this risk. Disinfection kills the germs on surfaces and reduces the spreading of the infection. You can use various sprays on the surfaces directly. Apart from that you can also spray the disinfectant on a wipe and then clean the surfaces and objects. Medicated solutions must be used to clean the surfaces thoroughly. Schools will have to perform disinfection daily as children are prone to the exposure of the corona virus.

How can schools maintain a hygiene and sanitization standard?

Wiping each and every desk in the school can be a daunting task. The administration will have to hire a force of cleaners for this. It will become an expensive affair. Apart from that, more people will be entering the school building as well. This will diminish the right to safety as well.

Hence, schools should look for a cheaper and smarter solution. Fogger machine is that solution. A fogging machine is easy and light to carry. It has a wide nozzle and thus, it emits disinfection solution in large quantities in the form of vapor. These machines run on electricity and are very easy to use. They also cover a large area within minutes. Hence, you will need a team of 5 or 6 cleaners to sanitize the space. You can easily change the numbers based on the space of your school.

Schools will have to come up with innovative hygiene standards because they will have clean and use disinfection on daily basis. Thus, a fogging machine from Fogshuddhi is the best option. It is portable and easy to use. It runs on electricity and hence, you can use an extension board to cover a large area at once.

Why use Fogshuddhi to sanitize the school?

Fogshuddhi is created by keeping in mind the latest issues of corona virus. This fogging machine is very convenient and comes with a disinfection solution. The solution is non toxic, non hazardous, non alcoholic and odorless. It kills 98.9% bacteria on surface and in air as well. The solution is amazing and effective as it is approved by NABL certified lab. It is also made out of colloidal silver which effectively kills all the germs as it is an antibiotic.

The fogging machine from Fogshuddhi has a very simple mechanism. You need to open the top and remove a bottle from there. Add the disinfectant solution with the help of a funnel. Remember to keep the nozzle tight to obtain optimum usage of the liquid. Then, carefully plug and switch on the power. Wear gloves before starting the fogging procedure as safety first. Leave the machine on for 5 minutes and then start fogging.

Keep the nozzle towards an empty space as the fog can come out with great pressure. After 5 minutes, press the button given on the remote. The fogging procedure of hygiene and sanitization will start. Remember to take a break after every one minute of fogging. Take the break for 10 seconds and start again. Remember to vacant the place for 10 minutes after fogging. The vapor will settle on the surfaces while killing all the germs.

The sanitizer solution will replace the stale air with the fresh one as well. Schools with air conditioner should definitely use the fogger machine as it will benefit the children and staff drastically. This procedure must happen before and after the students come and leave the school. It is their right to safety and hence, it must be practiced.

Ensure hand hygiene for students and staff

It is not possible to sanitize and use disinfectant every hour in the air. So, enable and educate the student for hand hygiene. Ask them to carry their personal sanitizers daily to school. Tell the teachers to remind them to use the sanitizer after every 30 minutes. This will kill the germs from their hands itself. Remind the students to avoid touching their face. Make sure that they use sanitizers with 80% of alcohol content.

The school can also keep sanitizers on every floor. Hence, if a student forgets their sanitizer, they can use it.

Difference between cleaning and disinfection  

Sanitize the school properly as there are a lot of people who can be prone to exposure. Hence, it is important to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning can be done manually by wiping the high touch surfaces. Peons can be assigned to clean desks, chairs, door knobs and windows with the help of a sanitizer. Cleaning cannot kill the germs but lower its risk drastically. However, the peons will have to wear gloves and dispose them once the cleaning is done. They should not touch their face during the entire cleaning process.

On the other hand, disinfection kills the germs. It provides greater right to safety for the employees and students of the school. You can disinfect a space by using chemicals. One such way is to use a fogger machine with disinfection liquid solution.

If you want, you can disinfect the surface and air first. Later, you can clean the surface and wipe the remaining germs. Schools can follow this hygiene and sanitization procedure once a week.


Schools will have to follow a lot of procedures regularly as safety first. The rules must be imposed with discipline and dedication from the school authorities. The administration cannot be lethargic and they must be strict in disinfection of the surface and air.

Fogger machine by Fogshuddhi is the best way of maintaining the hygiene standards. Invest in this innovative product and sanitize the whole building regularly. Post corona virus, the schools can use this machine once a month to disinfect the space as it is hygienic and healthy.

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